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Simon Sien Kang

Simon Sien Kang is an author, photographer, and filmmaker who has a strong passion for writing new stories, taking professional photos, and writing and editing films. Simon graduated from film school with a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Motion Pictures and Television and took directing, screenwriting, editing, and creative writing courses during his time there. He directed short films and commercials during his time in film school and is currently developing screenplays for feature-length and shorts.

Simon enjoys writing children’s stories for young readers in his spare time and is currently developing a new children’s book series called The Mouse and the Princess and his own adaptation series based on The Adventures of Pinocchio.

Simon also has a strong interest in studying the wonders of science and technology as well as studying the human mind and body, which inspired him to write the book, All About Dreams.
Journey into the Author’s Universe, Discover Literary Treasures.

Brittany's Magical Dream (Also Available in Audiobook)

Brittany Cavill is a young girl who has a very active imagination. She likes to dream a lot. Sometimes, she dreams too much, and it gets in the way of real life. One day, she gets lost in her world of dreams and ends up facing suspension from school. Her parents are desperate to find a way to get her back in school before summer break starts, or else she might fall behind a grade level in school.

One day, a tornado occurs in the city of Los Angeles and she is whisked off to the world of dreams. There, she meets a cast of characters, where the wizard is her only hope to go back home. Along the way, she has to defeat an evil boogeyman who is determined to turn all of the dream creatures into nightmares and wreak havoc in the real world.

All About Dreams (Also Available in Audiobook)

All About Dreams takes readers into the magical, exciting and vivid world of dreams. The world of dreams is an exciting place to venture into right inside our minds. Have you ever wondered why we dream in our sleep and what really goes on inside our minds when we dream? Why do we fantasize in our sleep? What really goes on inside our heads when we fall asleep? Find out in my new book, All About Dreams as we go on a wondrous, magical journey of what goes on inside our minds when we sleep off into the delightful, magical and vivid world of Dream Land.

Dreams can be fun to explore as we dive deep into our subconscious minds and uncover the truth…..

The Mouse and The Princess (Also Available in Audiobook)

Princess Eleanor has always longed to be a beautiful human princess ever since she was cursed to be a mouse by the evil sorcerer, Lord Balthazar. Her Fairy Godmother and her canine companion, Rover, have been her only friends who have looked after her. All of that is about to change when she encounters an orphaned, kind young mouse named Dredge and his magical firefly sidekick, Beans. Princess Eleanor is about to encounter a whole new world with Dredge as they are both taken to a world inhabited by mice and rats. Along the way, they will also face the evil Lord Balthazar, who is determined to destroy them for good and rule their kingdoms for his own sinister purposes.

Join Princess Eleanor, Dredge and their friends as they embark…

The Adventures of the Blue Fairy and Pixie (Also Available in audiobook)

In a magical world of fairies, two fairies are destined to protect their world from danger by the Fairy King and Queen. However, they are forbidden to make contact with the mortal world, but when help summons them in the form of a cry and a wish, they must break the rules and travel to the mortal world to protect an orphaned, abandoned boy in a magical land and fulfill the wish of a woodcarver who desperately longs for a loving family of his own and they must each prove that they have what it takes to be a true fairy guardian protector in their own ways.

Why Do I Need To Urinate Everyday (Also Available in audiobook)

Why Do I Need to Urinate Every Day? is about the importance of urinating every day and why it’s important for us to urinate to clean out the wastes in our bodies.

The Adventures of Candlewick (Also Available in Audiobook)

Candlewick is a young boy who’s an orphan and he longs to belong to a family. He envies Pinocchio and the other children in his village for their good luck and fortune, while his caretaker is a strict restaurant owner who treats him like a servant. One day, he’s invited to go to a magical place with promises of fun and a place where he’s free to be whoever he wants to be, but it all comes with a price as he discovers that not all fun and games come for free as he discovers that the place hides a terrible curse which holds a terrible fate for him and all of the other children who go there. As he encounters a magical fairy, he learns through his mistakes and the value of hard work and helping others.

The Mouse and the Princess: Princess Eleanor's Curse (Available in Ebook)

Join Princess Eleanor as she goes on an exciting journey to the mouse world with her lovable new pal, Dredge and his sidekick, Beans.

As a beautiful little girl who’s destined to rule over the kingdom of Aris, Princess Eleanor has been cursed by her evil uncle, Lord Balthazar, as part of his plan to overthrow her family’s kingdom. She has been cursed into becoming a mouse and with a bit of magic from her Fairy Godmother, she can turn human by day. 


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